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How cute is this cat called Peepee who has his own social media Twitter account

Twitter account of Peepee the cat cat-happy
© peepeeplayhouse - Twitter

A cat named 'Peepee' runs his own Twitter account, and it's even cuter than you'd think. Follow his daily activities and see the world from his point of view.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 09/02/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Many cat lovers use social media to portray cute images of their gorgeous pets, but more recently, entertainment memes have appeared. The reality of the social media culture today is that you can follow a cat’s life on Facebook, Instagram and now on Twitter.

Peepee isn’t new to social media

Although Peepee the cat has been posting on his Twitter account for a few months, he has only had a small cult following. His initial posts drew interest from cat lovers, but his Twitter account quickly grew to thousands of followers. This popular cat posts his personal thoughts about his daily life, together with many images. You won’t hear snippets from his owners or anyone else, the anecdotes are all the cat’s!

What actually sets Peepee apart from other cats?

Certainly, Peepee, who is 8 years old, isn’t the first feline to document his daily life on some form of social media account. We have a curiosity with DoggoLingo, which is the art of creating internet vocabulary from an owner’s view about their pets, or alternatively, how the animals themselves speak. Peepee does just this. He speaks to us in the cutesy way that our pets view us and how we normally speak to them. This isn’t Peepee the cat’s only claim to fame on Twitter though. He also comments and stands up for tummy rubs, racism and transgender rights with his down-to-earth tweets.

Peepee’s tweets go viral

After a loveable interview with the digital streaming service, VRV, the cat claimed many more followers on Twitter.

An example of his endearing posts “my dad just squoshed me in a doar . they we’re veary sorry and sade Pee pee how can you forgove me.i toald them i woude need a lot of treat’s too feal better.........and now i am Fealing a lot betre”.  Together with delightful pictures of the cat on his Peepee Playhouse Twitter account, he aims to bridge the variance between the animal and human audiences.  Peepee’s Twitter page is filled with many themes, including blogging, theme songs and fan art, which all appeal to his adoring fans.