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Could this be the most fashionable dog in the world?

Priyanka Chopra with her dog Diana dog-happy
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Priyanka Chopra’s dog, Diana, has been dubbed by some as the most fashionable dog in Hollywood. Considering her winter coat is worth more than our entire wardrobe, they may just have a point…

By Alice Lang , 9 Feb 2019

”I might be a dog, but I only wear high-end, okay?”

Priyanka Chopra hit the headlines a few weeks back as her adorable dog, Diana, was papped wearing a new winter coat worth around £400

And to top off her canine fashionista reputation, this week, she was pictured being carried around (because who has time for walking, darling?) in a Goyard Voltigeur Pet Carrier.

For anyone who’s not sure what this is (we weren’t, either), it’s a luxurious pet travel bag with a hefty price tag of over $2,000. Yes, you heard right -$2,000!. Well, she certainly looked ‘pawfect’ walking alongside her ultra-fashionable Mum, who was dressed head-to-toe in luxe black, paired with a gorgeous Fendi blazer.

The dog with model ‘pawtential’

Priyanka rescued her little dog, Diana, after following in love with her after filming a Buzzfeed video: And now? Well, she’s only managed to rustle up over 100,000 Instagram followers thanks to her incredible fashion sense and high-end outfits, including a customised Tiffany collar. This pooch definitely hit the jackpot! 

Here she is, making her cover-girl debut in Elle. We’re sure there are plenty more cover shoots to come!

We definitely think that Diana could just be the most fashionable dog in the world - and it’s all down to her loving Mumma, Priyanka! Follow their adventures and luxurious, fashionable lifestyle on Diana’s Instagram, Diaries of Diana. You go, girls!


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