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Everyone thought this kitten would die, but this man refused to give up on her

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This kitten was freezing cold and motionless with completely blocked up eyes from untreated illnesses. Everyone thought she’d die within hours, but this animal-lover refused to let that happen.

By Alice Lang

Published on the 08/02/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Employees at a shop in Crosshaven, Ireland, noticed a tiny, weak kitten lying still just outside their store. They assumed this was it for the kitty, who appeared to have no strength left inside her - and so, called the local animal shelter for advice. Owen Collins, owner of Cat Haven, a no-kill animal shelter, rushed to the scene.

"As we are the closest rescue, we said we would come along and make sure the body was dealt with in the correct manner," he told Love Meow.

She was in a bad way, but Owen was determined to save her

The dedicated shelter owner could see that the kitten was in critical condition, but noticed a faint breath. At that moment, he knew she could make it through.

The kitten was taken to the nearest animal shelter, where they promptly warmed her up, cleaned her congested eyes and gave her some much needed TLC. "They told me the next 24 hours were vital but not to expect anything in terms of her surviving. I took her home and set her up in our house so I could watch her 24/7,"

With Owen’s love and care, the kitten began to recover

The 4-year-old kitten, which he named Spike, made it through the next week. Her recovery was all thanks to Owen’s round-the-clock feeding, cuddling and care - Spike had found her hero!

"She made massive strides and was finally able to keep her good eye open fully," Owen said. "We knew after about three weeks of constant care and medication that she was going to survive."

Tiny Spike has found her forever home

Although Spike is completely blind in one eye, she won’t need to have it removed. She’s getting stronger by the day and has been adopted, for good, by her buddy Owen - what a lucky little kitty!

"I also grew massively close to her. I think it was meant to be that I went to get her that day."

"Spike comes charging up to me when I get home from work and just sits and purrs for ages. She is a special kitten, and we were meant to cross each other's paths." This really shows what a little love and TLC can do! We wish Spike and Owen all the best in their new, purrrfect life together.


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