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Phodography: this British photographer and her canine pal are taking Instagram by storm

Golden dog dressed up dog-happy
© hugoandursula - Instagram

She’s mad about photography and loves her dog more than anything - so, Ursula decided to combine her passions. The result? Hilarious doggy art which has proved a hit all over social media!

By Alice Lang , 8 Feb 2019

Doing something you absolutely adore for a living and combining it with dogs, seems like a dream, right? Well, that’s exactly what Ursula Aitchison, 30, from Worcestershire, decided to do!

She calls it ‘phodography’ - and we’re a fan!

The talented photographer started snapping her Golden Retriever, Hugo, just over a year ago and, well, the internet has gone crazy for them. And, we can see why: Here he is, being a coffee-drinking hipster at this local coffee shop. Extra-strong, black, no sugar, please.
But then, he swapped it for a pint of the good stuff in a country pub. Looking suave, Hugo! Sometimes, Ursula herself gets involved. And after numerous canine photography sessions, it’s time for Ursula and Hugo to relax and unwind...

So, how does she take such ‘pawsome’ snaps?

Speaking to Femail, Ursula explained: “They are usually entirely spontaneous.'I'll be looking in the fridge and eating a slice of pineapple and the next thing you know I'm balancing it on our heads.”

“Some of the other shots require popping a few items of clothing in my bag and heading to a local pub/cafe and just seeing what happens there”

“If I'm out shooting in a cafe people find it really funny and Hugo gets so much fuss. People adore him - and rightly so.” Why not follow Ursula and Hugo’s adventures for yourself? With 17k followers to boot, we’re looking forward to seeing what the pair get up to in the coming months. Phodography - it’s a yes from us!


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