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These kittens needed a Mum, so an injured Poodle adopted them

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Eve, an injured Poodle, had been injured and left on the streets with two badly broken legs - but two litters of orphaned kittens gave her the love she needed to get the spring back in her step

By Alice Lang

Published on the 08/02/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Fighting like cats and dogs? This story proves, once and for all, just how wrong that well-known statement really is! Tissues at the ready, guys…

Eve the Poodle had been hit by a car

Rescue shelter staff as Cassie’ Place, a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Texas, found out about an injured Poodle via social media.

"She was badly injured with obvious breaks to both front legs after being hit by a car. We immediately jumped into action," Director of Cassie's Place, Michelle Zrubek, said to Love Meow.

Working together with volunteers at other local rescue shelters, the animal lovers co-ordinated a plan to get Eve to safety at Cassie’s Place.

But something magical happened

The sweet-natured Poodle had to wait in a nearby shelter before she could be transported, due to Texas laws. But when one of the volunteers came to pick up Eve, she was in for a wonderful surprise.

"She was nursing orphaned kittens," Michelle explained. "Shelter staff said, Eve had seemed depressed. She was lactating and it was obvious to all that she was recently nursing puppies."

When volunteers searched the location that Eve was found, there were no puppies in sight. With two litters of orphaned kittens who were in desperate need of a Mother’s warmth in the same shelter, it made sense to see if Eve would take on the challenge.

"She quickly did, her spirits were lifted, and the babies were being cared for the way they needed to be." said Michelle.

Eve and the kittens gave each other some much-needed love

When the kittens and Eve arrived at Cassie’s Place, shelter staff set up a comfortable, warm and safe area for them to relax and build their strength. The kittens huddled up to Eve - happily nursing and purring. “Eve, has a very proud and adorning love for her kittens. She wags her tail when you talk to her about the babies she is raising. She shows concern when you remove them from their area to change out the bedding.”

"She whines and lightly barks to let us know that she is upset that she is not with them. She does an amazing job cleaning and feeding them. You would never know they weren't hers, other than species, due to the care she gives to them." said Michelle.

Eve and the kittens are now safe, happy and on the road to recovery

The lovely Eve has been for surgery and is now recovering peacefully at the vets. It’ll take some time for her legs to heal, but she’ll be reunited with the younger group of kittens as soon as she’s feeling a little better. The older litter are now eating from a bowl and have grown into strong, happy cats who will soon find their forever homes.

What a wonderful story, which shows just how powerful love is. We’re certain that Eve and the kittens have each other’s love to thank for their speedy recoveries!

Check out Cassie’s Place’s website and Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest happenings.


Late this evening we received this sweet momma who had been found after being hit by a car. She was taken to the midland shelter where she was notated to have both front legs broken. She had to remain in an owner hold for a few days but was unclaimed. During that time some kittens were brought in that needed to nurse. This momma lactating and depressed, was clearly nursing puppies before being hit. A search was made but puppies were never found. Shelter staff decided to see if she would take to the kittens and she did!!! Her spirits were lifted, she had babies to love and these babies had a chance to survive. Tomorrow morning she will be seen by Doctor Sheen @ Knickerbocker Road Animal Hospital to get a care plan in place for her healing. If you’d like to contribute to her and her kittens care you can do so by making a donation on our account at Knickerbocker Road Animal Hospital 325.944.9444 Or online thru PayPal.Me/CassiesPlace Thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers

Posted by Cassie's Place on Friday, September 21, 2018