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Owner dyes her dog purple to make it look more “friendly”

Great dane with pink dye dog-angry
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A 21-year-old woman from Kentucky, USA, has dyed her Great Danes fur pink in an attempt to make it look more approachable to strangers

By Ashley Murphy , 6 Feb 2019

Jessica Williams paid $100 (£75) for the makeover after becoming fed up of people’s reaction to her five-month-old Great Dane puppy, Drama.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jessica said: “People are generally scared of big dogs, and I've noticed that some people might not approach my dogs as much as little ones. With them being dyed it makes it easier to socialise them, because not nearly as many people are afraid - especially when they're pink and purple."

Since dyeing her dog purple, Jessica has noticed a change in people's reactions to Drama. She also thinks Drama's unique style helps brighten up their day: "Drama can be the reason someone smiles ...they would be more eager to walk up to us and ask to pet them. And alongside her short, pink nails, it makes it clear to people that she isn't going to do any harm.'

Despite the positive reactions, Jessica's decision has been met with a few disturbing responses: “I’ve had complaints about painting and trimming her nails...I’ve even received death threats about the fact  I dye my dog.”

Jessica insists the treatment is completely safe and that it doesn't harm drama or cause her any distress.

She appears unfazed by the negative responses and plans to maintain Drama’s new look: "Even though Drama has only been dyed once, I am definitely hooked. As soon as her dye starts to fade I will definitely be taking her back to the groomers to have it done again, she looks great.'

Some experts believe there is no safe way to dye your dog's hair, citing the lack of long-term studies to determine its effects. Other suggests its completely harmless, but that it should always be done by a professional dog groomer.