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Kitten with extra long leg proves there’s nothing wrong with being a “bit different”

Millie the cat with a long leg cat-happy
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When a six-week-old kitten was brought into the odd cat sanctuary, it didn't take long for  staff to realise that this kitty was a little bit "different."

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 05/02/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Tara Kay is the founder of the Odd Cat sanctuary. Speaking to Love Meow, she said this cat was “born with congenital deformed back legs - one is extra long and the other has no foot on it, just a stump.”

A cat full of determination

Staff named her Millie and were soon surprised at her determination to live a “normal” cat life. 

"She's sassy and sweet. She loves to eat and screams for attention to be held," said Tara "She runs and plays like crazy and purrs nonstop."

As Millie became acquainted with her new  cat family, she struck up a close friendship with Lucy, another rescue cat born with “twisted leg syndrome.”

Millie and Lucy, the two inseperable kitty friends

Lucy had recently lost her best friend, a special needs cat called Ethel. And when Millie came in for some snuggles, Lucy instantly accepted this offer of a new friend.

"Lucy was sad after Ethel didn't come home," Tara said. "She was happy to have a friend again and accepted her right away."

The pair soon became inseparable, and the best buddies spend most of their time chasing each around the Odd Cat Sanctuary, proving that there's nothing wrong with being just a little bit “different.”

About the Odd Cat Sanctuary

The Odd Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit rescue centre located in Salem, Massachusetts. It was set up in  2015 on the principle that all cats matter, even the odd ones!

They help those cats that otherwise wouldn't have a chance, including the elderly, the feral, the injured or abandoned, and cats with special needs. But it isn't just about the felines, the sanctuary also helps “odd” dogs. 


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