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Everton cat can’t beat the Wolves

Black cat on football field cat-happy
© Wolves - Twitter

Luck is on your side if you see a black cat cross your path from left to right. At least, if you’re British. And you support Wolverhampton Wanderers

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 04/02/2019, 15:35, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

If you were in the stands at Everton’s Goodison Park and rooting for the home team however, the four minutes of stoppage time caused by the arrival of a black cat on the pitch only added insult to injury: Wolves won the Premier League game by three goals to one. 

The managers of both teams are Portuguese and in Portugal the arrival of a black cat is an omen of bad luck, not good. 

For Everton’s Marco Silva the cat was right on the money and spelled defeat for his team, but for Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo it was a different story. Nevertheless Santo was adamant that he did not want to see another black cat. 

Speaking after the match Santo said, ‘Where I come from in Portugal, the black cat is bad luck so I never want to see cats again.’

Because the match was broadcast live on BBC Radio 5 Live it was the job of commentator John Acres to fill in several minutes of airtime, which he accomplished with trademark aplomb. ‘Where has this cat come from?’ Acres begins. ‘He’s in the penalty area… he’s making a run towards goal this black cat now!’ 

According to the BBC, seven years ago almost to the day, a match held at Liverpool's Anfield stadium was disrupted by the arrival of a cat. 

Entertaining it was but still the cat changed nothing of the score line which sees Everton lose for a sixth time in nine Premier League games. Wolverhampton Wanderers on the other hand stand steadfast just outside the top six Premier League clubs.