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After a fire in an ink cartridge warehouse, Dogs, Cats and even Rabbits have turned BLUE

Dog turned blue dog-cat-sad
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Horrified pet owners in Clacton, Essex, were amazed to find their pets covered in a blue dye. It’s almost impossible to wash off the animals’ fur too!

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 04/02/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

The air is tinged with a lovely shade of blue

It’s certainly not what you expect to see following a fire in a warehouse shed. The storage shed was holding eight sacks of blue ink powder, normally used for refilling ink cartridges. When the fire started in Clacton, Essex, firefighters managed to control the blaze in a short time, but the powder was carried into nearby gardens by the smoke. A trench was dug by the firemen around the affected location, which has been filled with sand for added protection. 

Local pets have colour changed to blue

Horrified pet owners have realised that if their dogs, cats or rabbits were in the near vicinity of the fire, they’ve been affected by the blue dye. Even the Essex firemen at the scene were feeling rather blue! It’s like a scene from a comedy movie, seeing a bright blue cat walking down the street, certainly not what you would expect to see in Clacton. The main problem now is that it seems almost impossible to wash out the blue dye, despite lots of scrubbing.

Could there be an environmental impact too

As the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service have still to determine the cause of the fire, investigations are ongoing. Environmental Health have been called in to inspect the blue powder too. It appears that they first need to discover what the blue dye ingredient is, before they can make suggestions for how best to remove it from the dogs’ and cats’ fur. Scientific advisors have confirmed that it’s a non-hazardous powder, which is a relief to many of the neighbours in the close vicinity. It still remains to be seen if the blue dye will wash out or not from the dogs and cats fur. They could remain blue for some time to come!

Explosion coats homes and pets in blue dye

People living near the scene of a fire in Clacton say they're facing uncertainty after their homes were damaged by fallout from a fire. It was caused when a shed containing bags of dye exploded covering nearby homes in bright blue dust. One family have been told they'll have to move out of their house while many cats and dogs are still coated in the substance.

Posted by ITV Anglia on Sunday, February 3, 2019