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Who can give this playful cat a home – he has been waiting his whole life!

Julius the ginger cat cat-sad
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When this ginger, homeless cat was taken to the shelter last January, he was in a poor state of health with a nasty injury to his hind leg. He’s now been waiting a whole year to be adopted!

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 04/02/2019, 14:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Julius – the unlucky moggy

It isn’t known if the cat had been attacked by another animal while he was living on the streets, but he was in a poor condition. Staff at the Providence Animal Control Shelter called in the vet and he was soon feeling better, exploring his new surroundings. They didn’t think it would be long before a caring, cat lover chose the ginger kitty, who they renamed Julius, to rehome. However, even now, a year later, the cat is still living at the cat shelter.

It’s not all bad news for Julius

While he waits for someone to adopt him, the cute ginger, short-haired cat is having fun. Apart from all the staff spoiling him with cuddles and titbits, Julius is certainly a playful cat. He loves nothing better than chasing after a laser pointer, and running around the patio area. As a stray cat during his early years, this adoring kitty is sometimes timid when meeting new people, but he will soon make friends with anyone who wants to pet him.

He needs a family to call his own

The Providence Shelter have given Julius his own space, in fact the best accommodation at the shelter. He has an outside area where he can run and stretch his legs, and of course, watch the world go by. Despite all of these home comforts, what the cat really needs is someone to care for him and treat him well. He is sure to settle into family life very easily. 

If you can help to find Julius a new home, contact the Providence Animal Control Shelter.


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