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News Update – It’s good news for Snoop the homeless Staffordshire bull terrier, as Rap Star Snoop Dogg offers him a new home

Snoop dog rapper and snoop the white Staffordshire bull terrier dog-happy
© BBC Radio Stoke Twitter

When Snoop, the adorable Staffordshire bull terrier was abandoned by his uncaring owner, he made headline news.

By Dawn Parrish , 4 Jan 2019

His plight pulled at many peoples’ heartstrings. First of all, how could anyone just abandon any dog at the side of the road. With it being just the week before Christmas, makes it even more heartless.

How could anyone abandon any dog, let alone at Christmas

The black and white Staffie was thrown out of his owner’s car at the corner of Pacific Road and Timor Grove in Trentham, Stoke.  Nearby CCTV footage shows the guy removing the dog from his car, before abandoning it and driving off. The terrified dog, who obviously doesn’t know what is going on, runs after the car, a Chevrolet Lacetti, jumping at the window.

Snoop the Dog is currently staying with the RSPCA

The Staffordshire bull terrier has been placed with the RSPCA while investigations take place to find his owner. The dog has been micro-chipped, however, 2 previous registered owners are not the ones responsible for ditching the dog at the corner of the street. A spokesperson for the animal charity has commented that Snoop, a name given to him by Vets when he was first picked up, is a loving, affectionate dog, who loves cuddles. The dog’s ordeal was captured on CCTV, which has been replayed in the media. Hundreds of dog-lovers have responded with offers to adopt the Staffie, including well-known faces such as Andrew Neil, a BBC journalist and Sue Perkins, the comedian.

Could Snoop Dogg the Rapper be his new owner?

After seeing the video of the abandoned dog’s dilemma, the Rapper has commented that “It is heart-breaking. There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop in Los Angeles. If he really needs a home then he has one with us.”  It’s good to know that there are so many caring dog-lovers around. Let’s hope that it’s not too long before Snoop is adopted into a new, loving family.