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Mourning dog waited 80 days by the side of the road for deceased owner to come back

Dog alone on the road dog-sad © Daily Mail - Youtube

Dogs are well known for their loyalty, but one pooch has proved just how far he'll go for his owners. It began when locals noticed a dog sitting by the side of a road in Hohhot, a city in Inner Mongolia.

By Emilie Heyl

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The dog who was waiting for someone

Concerned for its welfare, they approached the dog with food and tried leading it to safety. But the dog was skittish. It would quickly run off, only to return to the same spot later on. 

Speaking to the Straitstimes, a local resident said: "The weather is getting colder, and waiting in the middle of the road is not sustainable in the long run."

The dog appeared to be waiting for something, or someone, and residents later found out that its owner had died in a car crash at the very same spot. The accident happened 80 days ago. The loyal pooch has been maintaining its roadside vigil ever since.

A local charity is trying to locate the deceased's family and has promised to rehome the dog if their attempts are unsuccessful.

Humans and dogs: best friends for life

There are many examples of a dog's unwavering commitment to its owner. Bobbie the wonder dog rose to fame in the 1920s. He walked 2500 miles back to his home in Oregon after becoming separated from his family during a road trip. Hachiko, a Japanese Akita, would meet his owner after work at the local train station. After his owner died, Hachiko returned to the same spot every day for nine years.

Scientists had shown how the bond between dogs and humans is formed by chemical reactions in the brain. In one study, owners were encouraged to play with their pets whilst scientists measured changes in both the human and dog brain. They found significant increases in a chemical called oxytocin in both brains. Oxycontin plays a huge part in social and family bondings. It's the same chemical that floods a mothers system when holding her baby for the first time.

No wonder we love our dogs some much!

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