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Neglected dog shocks rescuers with extreme matted fur

neglected dog dog-sad
© Facebook - Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio

A poor neglected dog was found in Texas with such horrifically matted fur that rescuers couldn’t tell its breed or gender.

By Emily Ruck Keene , 13 Nov 2018

The “worst” case of matted dog fur

Police officers were called out in San Antonia, Texas, in response to a call about a neglected dog in the middle of the street. But they weren’t prepared for what they saw. It looked like a dog, but other than that, no-one could tell what breed or gender. The matting was so bad that the dog couldn’t see or properly open its mouth to eat. Rescuers would later call it the “worst dog [they’d] ever seen like that”.

Posted by Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Neglected dog gets drastic haircut

Officers took the dog to the San Antonio Care Services, who had to sedate him while they removed 6 pounds of matted fur. Him? Yes, after such a thorough haircut, it was discovered that the dog was a male cocker spaniel!

It was estimated that the poor neglected dog was around 8 years old. His inability to eat properly had left him severely malnourished. His nails were overgrown, and his teeth were in such terrible condition that only 11 out of 42 could be saved.

A happy ending for... Hamish!

Rebecca Payne from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin and San Antonio heard about the dog’s condition. She went to pick him up and was shocked at his condition. The dog needed to spend two weeks at the vet receiving different treatments before she could take him home to foster.

Introducing.. Hamish!

TADAAAAAH. We showed you the horrendous "Before" photos last night.. This is Hamish after 6lbs of mats were cut from his body. No doubt about it, his previous humans failed him. He still needs a bit of a touch up, but you can tell how much better he already feels! He is now a CSRA kid and will be getting the medical care he needs to get him ready to find his new forever home. Welcome to the family, Hamish!

Posted by Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Now in the loving care of Payne, and a new doggie family, a new chapter begins. The previously neglected dog has been named Hamish. He is gradually gaining weight (although he still wears jumpers to keep warm) and winning over the hearts of volunteers.

Payne describes Hamish as looking “like a grumpy old man, but he's the most loving, amazing guy.” He will soon be up for adoption in Texas. Meanwhile, he's discovering lots of new things like airbeds...