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The story of the dog that defended himself by biting of a man’s penis

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Violence or legitimate defense? The social media community has praised the behaviour of a dog who bite off the penis of man that kicked him for no reason.

By Daniel Mar , 12 Oct 2018

Apparently, a new hero has emerged within the social media community. We are talking of the dog (an American Staffordshire) that bite off a man’s penis after he continuously kicked him out of fun. Even though this can be considered as a violent action, nobody is criticizing the reaction of the dog. Everyone agrees that this dog acted in self-defense.

The witness that saw the moment when the penis was bitten

This incident took place last September 11 in Reus, Catalonia, Spain. According to a witness who saw the whole affair, the man in question was continuously kicking the dog without any provocation. Then, the dog decided to answer back by biting the weakest area in a man’s body: the penis. The dog made the right call.

As the witness recollected, the man kicked the dog in the muzzle and the latter rushed to bite the intimate area of the abuser. Also, the witness said that, the dog’s bite pierced the trousers and managed to ripped the skin of the man’s penis. This bite caused serious wounds to the glands and foreskin of the penis.

How did the world react?

News fly very fast in this globalized world. Within minutes, the story was already online. Mostly everybody expressed indignation towards the behaviour of the man. There are many comments in favour of the dog. Lastly, the majority of the people who commented agreed that this man will think it twice before hurting any other animal.

Spain is known to punish harshly any dogs that act violently. However, for this particular case, this rule was ignored. Let this recollection of events serve as an example to those people that like to abuse of animals.