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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry confirmed they got a new dog

Black puppy Labrador dog-happy
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There have been lots of conversations and speculation surrounding a new dog that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reported to have adopted. However, no one knows the name or the specific breed of dog. Meghan confirms that people keep getting the new dog’s name wrong!

By Dawn Parrish , 5 Oct 2018

A true love of dogs

It is cetainly very easy to recognise that Meghan is a dog lover. When she first met Prince Harry, she owned two dogs, Bogart and Guy, both rescue dogs. As things became more serious between the couple and Meghan moved to London full time, she only shipped over her beagle, Guy. Her other dog, Bogart, remained behind in Canada. It seems like he is living with some of Megan’s friends. An official statement was released by the Royal Press Secretary to confirm this.  It’s understood that Bogart was too old to up sticks and move to London. Guy, on the other hand, has been living a royal lifestyle in London. In one press picture, he was even spotted travelling in the royal car, beside the Queen and Meghan. Certainly, it’s no surprise that she has wanted to get another dog with Prince Harry. 


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Reports of a New Royal dog

While on a visit to the Survivors Network in Brighton recently, Prince Harry was heard saying to some of the guests “My name is Harry, I have two dogs and my lovely American wife."  The Royal couple were presented with a print of a dog, above all thought to be Meghan’s much-loved dog, Guy. The caption on the print states “Who’s a good boy?” Another comment says “A boy who makes every effort to dismantle the patriarchy whiles keeping in mind intersections with other forms of oppression”.

Harry thanked the centre for this lovely gift and made the comment that this could be about Guy! Or could it relate to their new dog?


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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry confirm New Dog

Although no one has actually yet seen the new family addition, unconfirmed reports declare that the new dog is a black Labrador. Understood to have been adopted by the royal couple last month and to be named Oz.  An unknown source reports that the new dog is happily established at their cottage and settling contentedly into Royal life. Just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the new dog will divide its time between their Cotswold cottage and the Palace. This claim that the new dog is called “Oz” has since been rejected by Meghan. She jokingly commented “I know, and they keep getting her name wrong.” We will just have to wait and see!