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This puppy REFUSES to let go of the man who saved her from a dog meat slaughterhouse

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A 4-month-old puppy lived in fear as she saw dogs being brutally murdered by a butcher for their meat. Terrified, she thought that would be her fate too. But one day, she was saved by a selfless man who changed her life forever. Now, she can’t stop hugging him!

By Alice Lang , 30 Sep 2018

Sanie had been living in a small, uncomfortable metal cage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, watching fellow pups being killed for their meat right before her eyes. Michael Chour, owner of The Sound of Animals, an incredible group who save dogs from the dog meat trade, came across petrified little Sanie and 2 other innocent pups.

Sanie didn't know whether she could trust him

When he arrived at the slaughterhouse, Michael asked the owner if he could take the dogs home with him, convincing him it would bring ‘good karma’. Sadly, 2 of the 3 dogs had already been sold and the stubborn owner wouldn’t give in. But Sanie was lucky - the owner told Michael he was free to rescue her. Michael approached Sanie in her cage, but she wasn’t quick to trust him. “She was growling and shaking,” Michael told The Dodo. “But I made her smell my hand and slowly approached her.” At first, Sanie froze in shock when Michael touched her head. But after some time, he tried to put his hand beneath her belly and, to his surprise, Sanie willingly let him pick her up and take her out of the cage. “When I got out of the cage, she was still terrified, and she was looking at the butcher,” Chour said. “But after I turned my back to him, she pushed herself against me, and put her head under mine.

But now, she won't leave his side

From then on, Sanie has barely left Michael’s side, cuddling up to him at every opportunity. “She hugged me and didn’t stop,” Michael explained. “She knows perfectly well that I saved her and she feels my love. Dogs are intelligent and they understand things.” Sanie was checked over by the vet and taken to Blue Dream, the group’s shelter, to make friends with other rescue dogs. “I have a friend for her there named Bear,” Chour said. “He’s a slaughterhouse rescue, too, and he will teach her love and trust.” But eventually, Michael hopes Sanie will find a loving forever home in Europe.We just sent two dogs to England, and they live in paradise now,” he said. “They have very happy lives.Donate to The Sound of Animals here and help them save more dogs from the dog meat trade. 

Posted by The Sound Of Animals on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Posted by The Sound Of Animals on Wednesday, September 26, 2018