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Grandma breaks into happy tears after meeting her new dog for the first time

puppy white poodle in the arms of his owner dog-happy
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Shirley Lann, an 84 year old grandmother, and dog lover, from North Carolina, recently had a wonderful, emotional surprise. When meeting Sammy, her new dog for the first time, she shed a few happy tears.

By Dawn Parrish , 20 Sep 2018

Unhappy following loss of her pet

While staying in a rehabilitation centre following a bout of ill health, Shirley was feeling a bit down at heart. It was only a month ago that she had lost her beloved dog Kinsey, who she’d owned for 14 years. This loss of her much loved pet, who she had shared with her late husband, until his death in 2011, when Kinsey became her close companion, really upset her. Shirley’s grandson, Matthew McVey, commented that her mood changed following the loss of her dog.

A lovely surprise

Her family decided that as she was missing Kinsey, her furry friend so much, they needed to help her out. Her daughter searched various local dogs’ homes, until she discovered Sammy, a delightful, Lhasa Apso pup. She instinctively knew, that this gorgeous, bundle of fluff would brighten up her mum’s world, and help with her recovery. The family organised a surprise meeting to present the dog to his new owner for the first time. Matthew, her grandson, captured a video of this first meeting, and later posted this precious event onto Twitter.

Happy tears meeting her new dog

Of course, once Shirley held the tiny Lhasa Apso pup in her arms, the emotions became too much. This first meeting with her new dog was incredible, but she couldn’t help shedding a few tears of happiness. Of course, the pair have now become the very best of friends, and the plan is for them to live together, once Shirley completes her recovery rehabilitation, and moves back into her own home.

Lhasa Apso breed

If you are considering getting a new dog, one that makes an affectionate, loyal pet, then this Lhasa Apso breed could be the right choice for you. Early breeds were reported to be Tibetian monastery watchdogs. On a first meeting with a stranger they can be rather apprehensive, but as Shirley Lann’s story proves, they soon begin to show their loyalty and affection.