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Little dog reunites with best friend after 10 whole months!

Owner and dog hugging dog-happy
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A little dog reunites with her best friend Nancy after being 10 months apart. A video and pictures proved how excited she was after the reunion

By Daniel Mar , 14 Sep 2018

Remy is a little dog that lives with Aimee Beasley-Spadoni and her wife Nancy Spadoni. Yet, for the past 10 months, Nancy Spadoni was in Afghanistan serving her country. This situation created an emptiness in the house, especially inside the little pup who watched how her best friend was sent thousands of miles away.

Remy kept in touch with her best friend despite the distance

Throughout those 10 months, Remy kept in touch with Nancy by using FaceTime. In declarations to The Dodo, Aimee said “We used to FaceTime with Nancy while she was gone. I could tell Remy missed her”.

The big day finally came

Good news travel almost as fast as light itself. When Nancy finally announced that she was coming home, Aimee went crazy. Plus, she couldn’t wait to see how Remy would react when he saw her best friend. As the hour approached, Aimee noticed that you could actually feel the excitement in the air.

There is a video of the reunion!

Thanks to Aimee, people witnessed the long-overdue reunion between Remy and her best friend Nancy after 10 months apart. Also, there are many pictures that show us how Remy can't be too far away from Nancy. According to the owners, Remy’s excitement remains the same. “She hardly ever leaves Nancy’s side when she is home and seems to be giving extra kisses”, said Aimee to The Dodo.

This is proof of how pets are capable of creating unbreakable bonds with their owners. No matter the distance or time apart, a reunion between a dog and his owner is amazing. The story of Remy and her best friend touched many hearts around the world. 


Just a girl coming home to her babygirl! So sweet.. They missed each other. ❤️❤️

Posted by Aimee Beasley-Spadoni on Wednesday, August 29, 2018