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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry name their new dog at last... and it's very easy to spell

Black labrador puppy dog-happy
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Naming a dog can be a difficult process. News of the naming of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s newly adopted black Labrador has taken a full week to leak from their Kensington Palace home. But now we know.

By G. John Cole , 8 Sep 2018

Royal Biographer Sally Bedell Smith has announced that the lucky Lab’s name will be, quite simply: Oz. A strange name for a dog, perhaps, but not one that will cause too much embarrassment when Markle yells it in the park.

A royal name for a dog

Young Oz has yet to make his first public appearance, and is said to be settling into daily life at Nottingham Cottage with the royal couple du jour and their beagle, Guy. The latter travelled with Markle from her previous home in Canada, and even attended the royal wedding in May – sharing a car with Queen Elizabeth!

So what can have inspired this nippy new name? Perhaps the Mountbatten-Windsors are big fans of the nineties HBO prison show, Oz, or the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. It could be that they’re massive Black Sabbath fans (Ozzy Osbourne, right?). Bogart, another of Meghan’s rescue dogs, who sadly had to remain in Toronto when she moved, took the surname of Casablanca leading man, Humphrey.

There have been a number of other TV characters and bands that have taken that name over the years and who could have inspired Meghan and Harry. Oz is also the abbreviation of ‘ounce,’ which could be a reference to the new dog’s petite stature – if, indeed, the adopted hound is still a puppy.

But more likely, it is a reference to the land of Australia, often shortened to ‘Oz,’ where the couple will make their first royal tour later this autumn.