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Watch: Adorable moment a heartbroken boy is reunited with his missing dog

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A heartbroken boy was overcome with joy when reunited with his missing dog. The man responsible for bringing them back together described their reunion as 'magical.'

Last month, 11-year-old Leandro's little world fell apart. His best buddy forever, a sweet pooch named Mili, disappeared from Leandro's family home in Brazil.

The family put up signs, contacted the local rescue centres, and spent days searching the neighbourhood and surrounding suburbs. But Mili was nowhere to be found.

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Is Mili ever coming home?

Days passed. Then weeks. It started to look like Mili was never coming home. Leandro, of course, was devasted. 

And then a local hero called Juninho Giugn changed everything. The off-duty fireman, who has saved his fair share of animals, spotted the lost-looking pooch wandering the streets near his home. 

Giugni suspected the dog was a missing pet. So he decided to keep it safe and locate the dog's worried owners. He asked around the nearby neighbourhoods and eventually heard about a local family looking for a dog that sounded just like the one he'd found.

Here's what you need to do if you find a dog

He tracked them down and drove Mili back home into the arms of a very happy Leandro, who was waiting out on the step.

"When we arrived, he [Leondro] was crying tears of relief," said Giugni. "Their reunion was magical. I'm just thrilled I could help. Leandro told us that we saved his family."

"I've rescued many animals while on shift as a firefighter," continued Giugni. "But this one was really special." 

One of Leaondro's parents filmed the adorable reunion. The short footage was then shared on Facebook. 

"Give that guy a medal," wrote one viewer. "He's a true hero."

"Never give up hope," posted another. "So glad these guys are back together. They clearly have such an incredible bond - unbreakable."

Microchipping is so important

Around 500,000 dogs go missing in the UK every year. And 1 in 10 owners has lost their dog at some point, with many of the animals never making it home. 

Microchipping is the best way to make sure missing dogs come back home. It's also a legal requirement. If your dog isn't chipped, get it done ASAP, and we mean like right now. Microchipping keeps families together.

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