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Born with two noses, this puppy is just double cute

Black and white puppy born with two noses dog-wow
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Born with two noses, a Border collie puppy is just as cute as her two little noses. Five weeks old Pua, named after the pig character in the Disney movie Moana, has to be fed by bottle every two hours as she cannot suckle.

By Emilie Heyl , 31 Aug 2018

Pua, the puppy with two noses was born in a happy home. He has her mum Willow and his four brothers and sisters by his side. But most of all, he has his second mummy Jessica Wheatley to make sure the pup is in good health. “I’ve been bottle feeding Pua daily every two hours, which means setting a lot of alarms”, declared Jessica in the Express.

Can his two noses affect him when he grows up?

When Pua is old enough, he will have to go through minor operations. Indeed, Mrs. Wheatley said in the Express: “There’s a cleft in his top jaw and teeth and the teeth are growing towards each other”, . He will therefore have to get some of his teeth removed, but for the moment he’s too young for that. When Jessica was researching about this particular condition, she discovered another breed who also had two noses. The breed is called the Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hounds. Furthermore, the deformity is considered enticing in some cultures, as they thought these dogs were better hunters. The border collie puppy is lucky enough to have a big family. With three dogs - Belle, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Frais, a Cavalier Poodle cross, Willow another Border Collie plus all the members of the family, Pua has quickly socialised with humans and animals. Unfortunately, Jessica is not sure she will be able to keep Pua once he is old enough to be rehomed. However, if she can’t find an excellent home for him, she will keep him. Not only is Pua an adorable puppy, he is always unique, like any other dogs, but he is just twice as special.