Senior rescue dog finds perfect home, but a few weeks later, tragedy strikes

sad looking dog lying down dog-sad © SPA de Strasbourg - Facebook

A poor rescue dog who spent more than eight years living a nightmare life passed away just a few weeks after finding his perfect family and forever home.

By Ashley Murphy

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If anyone needed saving, it was Rex. The German Shepherd arrived at the SPA Rescue Centre in Strasbourg, Germany, after local residents reported his owner for animal cruelty.

The heartless owner kept Rex locked in a small cage outside, where he was forced to lie and sleep in his own mess. Disgusting! And how cruel! 

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A hard life takes its toll

Living for years in such unsanitary conditions took its toll on Rex. He was diagnosed with severe autoimmune disease. And with no one willing to offer Rex a home, this poor pup was scheduled for the 'long sleep.'

And then a little miracle happened. Rex's tragic tale went viral, and the shelter was flooded with offers from would-be dog parents, some of who lived as far away as Brazil and the USA.

Pet Bereavement: You don't have to grieve alone

Rex eventually found a family much closer to home. They were Jean-Luc Dreux and his wife, a pair of local dog lovers who promised to give Rex the life he never had. And they took that job very, very seriously!

"In the morning, I woke up around 7 a.m., then I put myself on the edge of the bed, and the first cuddling session began," said Jean-Luc Dreux. "Rex never had this for years, so he was so happy to be with people who loved him. My wife and I then spent all day caring for and loving Rex. It was what he deserved."

Rex learns about love

But sadly, Rex's happiness didn't last long. His health was just too poor, and he passed away just a few weeks into his new, perfect dog life.

Jean-Luc Dreux and his wife didn't get much time with their new fur baby. But at least they made every minute count. And most importantly, they made sure that Rex knew what love was before he left them to bound across the rainbow ridge. 

Rest easy, Rex.

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