Rosie's story: Sick Bulldog abandoned on the side of the road needs our help

Bulldog lying on grass dog-sad © PAWS - the Protection of Animals in Wales Society - Facebook

Staff at a rescue centre in North Wales have launched an appeal for donations to help a very special pup get the medical attention she needs.

By Ashley Murphy

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Rosie the Bulldog arrived at the Protection of Animals in Wales Society (PAWS) on the 14th of May after she was found abandoned by the side of a road. And poor Rosie was in a really bad way. 

Rosie had extremely deformed mammary tissue and teats, as well as nasty infections in her skin, eyes, and tail stump. 

A victim of the cruel dog breeding trade

Rescuers aren't sure of Rosies' back story, but her health conditions suggest she was used up and then thrown away by cruel dog breeders. Vets think Rosie may have had up to five litters. She's only about five or six years old.

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The fantastic folk at PAWS are determined to give Rosie a second chance. So they're raising money to cover the cost of the operations she desperately needs.

Rosie was booked in for a special photo shoot with Tyler Turner, winner of the annual Miss Mermaid Wales competition. The pics were shared across social media to raise awareness of Rosie's heartbreaking story.

The operations and aftercare will cost between £2,000/3000. PAWs have already raised £500. You can help by donating via the PAWS PayPal link. Or contact Pritchard Vets directly on 01745812047. All donations will be credited toward an account specially set up for Rosie's operation.

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Several people have contacted PAWS claiming to be Rosie's owners. But none of them could prove ownership, and none called back after they were told it was now a police matter.

Staff suspect the callers were active breeders looking to exploit Rosie for profit. Bulldog puppies can sell for up to £3,000 each. 

Rosie deserves better; let's make it happen

Rescuers found Rosie just in time. Shortly after arriving, Rosie gave birth to another litter of puppies. All the pups now have forever homes.

Rosie's babies were lucky. They're set to live the kind of life every dog deserves. Now let's make the same thing possible for Rosie.

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