Woman hears whimpering noises while on a walk and discovers a heart breaking sight

Dog lying in snow dog-sad © Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official - Facebook

A Pitbull puppy left chained to a tree in the middle of a freezing winter now has the chance of a better life thanks to one amazing woman. 

By Ashley Murphy

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Donna, from St Louis, Missouri, USA, was on an early morning stroll last January when she heard a cry for help. The whimpers led her down a back alley, where she came across a heartbreaking sight.

It was a brown Pitbull puppy tied to a tree. It was all alone, terrified, and shaking due to the cold. Whoever had abandoned this sweet pup decided to do it in the middle of a winter snowstorm! Donna thinks the pup had been lying in the snow all night. 

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The pup was all alone in the cold

Donna untied the pup and carried it to her car. She then drove straight to the Stray Animal Rescue Centre.

Vets were appalled at the dog's condition. It was dehydrated, severely malnourished, and showed clear signs of abuse and neglect. Chaffing wounds under the dog's front leg were also infected.

But despite all the pain and trauma, the dog was in surprisingly good spirits. It even managed a little tail wag on the examination table and was happy to let the staff stroke and pet him. It's incredible how strong and resilient these special creatures can be!

Vets determined it was a male puppy aged around 7-months-old. They named him Weezer. 

Weezer spent a few weeks in the rescue centre's trauma unit. And after a long but successful recovery, he was put up for adoption. 

Paws crossed for Weezer

We don't know if Weezer has found his forever home yet. But even if he hasn't, we don't think Weezer will be a shelter dog for much longer. Just one look at this handsome little fella is enough to make any true dog-person fall in love. 

Check out his gorgeous face in the video below. It shows the moment when Donna first rescued Weezer. 

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