Refugee flees Ukraine with children and dog, but things take a turn for the worst

German police officer with Shih Tzu dog-happy © Polizei Vorpommern-Greifswald - Facebook

She'd already had to leave her country, and now her beloved pup had been kidnapped. Fortunately, a police officer made it his mission to find her dog.

By Zoë Monk

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The woman had left her home country of Ukraine to start a new life in Germany with her two children and beloved pet dog, Buddy the Shih Tzu. But her life was suddenly turned upside once again when Buddy was stolen.


The dog had been tied up outside a supermarket in Germany while the woman went shopping. However, when she returned, she was devastated to discover that someone had stolen Buddy.

The theft was reported to the police, and a local officer soon arrived to find out what had happened. Discovering the distraught owner only spoke Ukrainian, the officer used a computer to help translate. He soon learned that the woman had fled to Germany from Ukraine with her children. 

The woman's story was harrowing, and now with this new traumatic incident on top, it made the officer even more determined to return Buddy to his owner. He was so determined to find Buddy that, using his own money, he printed posters of the missing pup to put up around town on his days off. 


His hard work finally paid off when someone at a local animal shelter spotted one of the posters and recognised Buddy. They had picked him up as an abandoned dog just a few days before! They quickly handed the dog to the police.

Five days after Buddy had been stolen, his owner got the call she'd longed for. Buddy was found safe and well. When he handed over the pup to his grateful owner, it didn't matter that the officer didn't speak Ukrainian nor that the woman didn't speak German. It was clear from the huge hug she gave the officer that she was extremely grateful.

Welcome home Buddy!

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