Puppy treads water for 10 minutes: CCTV camera captures incredible scene

Boy saving dog in swimming pool dog-wow

A five-year-old boy leapt into a swimming pool to save his German Shepherd dog brother from drowning. What a little superhero!

By Ashley Murphy

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A CCTV camera filmed this dramatic rescue in the backyard of a family home in Argentina.

The short clip starts with a German Shepherd puppy sniffing around the edge of a pool. But the curious pup, who hasn't learnt the doggy paddle yet, overstretches and slips into the water.  

A young hero arrives

The video cuts forward, and we see the poor pooch struggling to stay afloat. And that's when his rescuer arrives. The five-year-old boy jumps into the pool and drags his furry friend to safety. His mum then rushes to the poolside and pulls both of her babies out of the water.

"I can't believe it," wrote the boy's cousin, who posted the clip across social media. "My cousin had only just learned to swim and jumped in without a second thought for himself. He is our hero. Let's make my cousin go viral. He deserves it."

The clip has now received more than 4million plays and almost 500,000 likes on TikTok and other social media platforms. 

It's thought the dog was alone in the water for up to 10-minutes. It showed signs of shock and hyperthermia, and vets kept him overnight for observation. But the tough little guy made a speedy and full recovery, and the experience has helped create a special bond with his human brother that will last forever. 

Keeping dogs away from water

Let's hope the family has taken some precautions to stop this from happening again. Puppies and even dogs who can swim should never be left alone by a pool. 

Canines experts recommend installing a gate or pet barrier around the pool. Sensor systems that set off an alarm when someone falls into the water are another good option. 

You could also invest in a doggy life jacket. They help keep dogs safe during water adventures. And they look super cute!

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