Watch: Huskies' incredibly heartwarming reaction to meeting newborn sister

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Husky watches over baby

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There's nothing more adorable than when a dog meets a baby for the first time, as you'll see when these two Huskies meet their pack's newest member.

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Kora and Zorro are two beautiful Huskies who recently welcomed a new addition to the family. They had no idea about the new member of the pack. But as soon as their owners returned, they knew something was different.

Welcome to the pack!

When the dog's owner, Yuki Thomanek and her husband brought their newborn daughter home, the couple were keen to record the animals' reactions to meeting the little girl. And they weren't disappointed.

Both dogs were very excited to see their owners. But they quickly seemed to sense that something was different in the house. With the door to the room closed, the Huskies waited patiently on the bed staring at the door. Even the family's cat joined in, keen not to miss out.

A few minutes later, the huskies were called into the nursery. Zorro was first. He had a look around the room, smelling the baby's car seat. Then he heard a little noise, immediately turned around and saw that there was something new in the cot.

The dog stuck his nose between the cot bars, sniffing and wagging his tail as if asking his owner what this new thing was. The baby's dad reached into the cot and brought the baby closer to the edge so Zorro could get a better look (and sniff). As the baby started to cry, Zorro gave a little howl and watched curiously as the baby was picked up for a cuddle. The little girl's dad knelt, holding the baby so Zorro could get a better look. At first, Zorro didn't seem to know quite what to do but soon seemed to relax and was just content to watch his new little sister (adding in the occasional sniff).

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Then it was Kora's turn. She, too, was very excited and curious to meet her little sister. As the baby cried in her cot, Kora stuck her nose through the bars before excitedly barking a couple of times. She couldn't take her eyes off the small human, and when the baby was taken out of the cot, she started to sniff her and even tried to lick her hat.

Meanwhile, the cat took a different approach to meeting the newest family member. It was more interested in taking the opportunity to claim the cot as its own!

Here's the adorable video:

The incredibly heartwarming video ends with the pups watching over their new little human sister, looking forward to the day she is old enough to play with them. The cat meanwhile, is not quite so bothered.

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