Officers approach car parked in the sun: What they see inside leaves them speechless

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A cat owner who couldn’t bear to be separated from his felines was forced to hand them over after he was found living with them in a car in scorching temperatures.

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It’s believed that after the man recently became homeless, he started living in his car, packed with his belongings and 47 cats. But with temperatures climbing above 90F (32C) in Minnesota, the authorities stepped in and forced the man to surrender his pets. 

Scorching temperatures

While it seems that the man had been living with the cats in his car for a while, it wasn’t until a concerned officer knocked on his window that the situation came to light. The officer saw the man inside the vehicle, and knowing how hot it was outside, combined with the humidity, he knew it must be unbearable inside the car.

Fortunately, the man agreed to hand over the cats to the Humane Society, finally realising that he couldn’t look after the cats anymore. The man admitted that he’d already given up 14 cats before being found in the car with 47.

The Humane Society safely removed all the cats, aged from less than a year to almost 12 years old, and took them to be examined by a vet


Thank you for your partnership, Chisago County Sheriff's Office

Posted by Animal Humane Society on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Cool ending

Surprisingly, despite their living conditions, the cats were in good health, with just a few needing treatments for dehydration. Each cat will also be spayed or neutered, brought up-to-date with vaccinations and given any behavioural therapy they might need.

But while providing each cat with the ongoing care they need will take a while, they can now enjoy having plenty of space to play, sleep and eat.

The cats' owner was also assessed by paramedics at his car and given necessary medical assistance.

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So what about the man living in the car didn't he get any help? This is sad.
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