Activists rescue Beagle puppies bred for cruel experiments in Cambridgeshire

Beagle puppy locked in cage dog-angry © Animal Save Movement - Facebook

Animal rights activists liberated five Beagle puppies from a facility that breeds dogs to be used in cruel and inhumane experiments.

By Ashley Murphy

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The Marshall BioResources 'farm' in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, looks like every other large-scale agricultural operation. But a peek inside those huge grey sheds would reveal that this 'farm' is actually a 'house of horrors.'

On its website, Marshall BioResources describes itself as the "premier source of animal models for preclinical research and development." In other words, Marshall BioResources breeds puppies for animal testing and experiments. 

Why is this even happening?

The firm breeds an estimated 2,000 Beagles a year. Most go to universities and private research facilities, where they're often used in toxicology studies. The poor dogs are exposed to experimental drugs, pesticides, and even poisons to see how substances might affect humans.

Beagles are selected because of their kind, gentle, and trusting nature.

The Animal Freedom Movement (AMF) is one of many organisations working tirelessly to end this wicked practice. AMF members took direct action last weekend when they occupied the Marshall BioResources puppy farm in the early hours of  Monday morning (20th June.)

A group of 25 protestors wearing white overalls sat inside the facility. They posted videos and pictures on social media showing Beagles in cages.

Protestors managed to free five Beagle puppies. The dogs will stay with an AMF member until they find forever homes.


THIS IS WHAT ANIMAL LIBERATION LOOKS LIKE. ❤ Five beagle puppies were liberated yesterday from the vile puppy farm MBR...

Posted by Wagg&tail on Monday, June 20, 2022


AMF wants this to end - now

Dillon Parsons, an AMF spokesperson, said, "using animals for testing is not only barbaric, but also completely unnecessary. There is no need for nearly 3 million painful and torturous tests on animals in the UK each year. We have technology that is more reliable and efficient."

Dog poisoning: signs, causes and treatment

Several Media outlets contacted Marshall BioResources for comment. So far, it has issued no response. The AMF said it will occupy the site until the UK government agrees to end all animal testing and the sale of animal-tested products by 2025.

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