Dog's interest in the cooker hob quickly turns to drama (video)

Dog leaning over kitchen stove dog-serious © FOX 10 Phoenix - YouTube

A dog's interest in a pan left on his family's kitchen stove rapidly turns into chaos when he accidentally turns on the stove.

By Zoë Monk

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Many modern household appliances have controls activated by a simple touch of the finger or even an animal's paw, as one family discovered to their considerable cost.

Caught on camera

While the dog's owners were not at home as the drama ensued, the whole event was caught on the home's security camera. The video clip, which has been released as a warning to other pet owners, shows one of the dogs standing on his back legs, looking at the stove. His paws are on the cooker top. The pup then drops back to the floor. Suddenly, smoke fills the kitchen and then the stove bursts into flames.

It appears that the pup had accidentally managed to turn on the hob by touching the activation button with his paw as he attempted to reach a pan left on the top. The grease in the pan ignited, causing the fire. 

Better safe than sorry

Fortunately, neighbours contacted emergency services after spotting the smoke, and firefighters were able to rescue the dogs, and no humans or canines were hurt. However, the dog's owners now face a hefty repair bill. 

Watch the terrifying moment the poor pup accidentally starts a fire with his paws:

While it's not always easy to curb a pup's natural curiosity, owners must use the built-in safety options on appliances if they are available to ensure controls aren't accessible to children or, in this case, curious canines.

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