Mailman shocks dog owner when he turns up at her door carrying very special package

Delivery man carrying dog home dog-happy © FOX8 - Facebook

A hero FedEx worker found and then carried a runaway Golden Retriever back to its home. Now that's what we call a special delivery!

By Ashley Murphy

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Catcher the Golden Retriever lives with her family, the Menzies, in Castle Pines, Colorado, USA. Like the rest of her breed, Catcher is a curious pooch who can't resist the promise of adventure. 

So when the back door of her house blew open, Catcher did what all Golden Retrievers love to do - she went exploring.

Where's Catcher?

Thankfully, this solo expedition didn't last very long. A FedEx employee working in the neighbourhood spotted Catcher wandering alone on the road. 

He didn't have much trouble making friends with Catcher. You know what Goldens are like. They think everyone is their best buddy!

He discovered where the mystery dog lived by checking the address on its collar. Our hero then scooped up the pooch and carried it to safety.

A (very) special package

The Menzies weren't home when all this happened. They found out about Catcher's antics after receiving a message from the delivery man. Footage from a security camera inside the doorbell showed the moment he hand-delivered the big furry package and locked it safetly in the house.

"He interrupted his day and delivery schedule to pick Catcher up and carry her home," said Lisa Menzies. "He is truly our family's hero."

FedEx driver finds Colorado woman's lost dog, returns her home

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Posted by FOX8 on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Menzies have reached out to FedEx and hope to thank Catcher's rescuer in person soon.

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