Everyone thinks stray dog is pregnant: Rescuers find out she actually has ascites

stray dog with bloated stomach dog-happy © Star Network Rescue - YouTube

This poor dog was ignored by dozens of people before rescuers heard of her plight and finally stepped in to help.

By Justine Seraphin

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Several months ago, a stray dog started to garner attention in the streets of India.

The dog was, well, huge. Her stomach had expanded in such a way that almost made her look like a balloon - so most people assumed she was pregnant.

Dog suffers from ascites

It wasn’t until animal rescuers got involved that everyone realised the dog’s bloat was actually much more serious than a simple pregnancy. She was actually suffering from ascites, a condition in which fluid collects in spaces within the abdomen. 

The dog’s condition was so severe that she could hardly move, and she was starting to feel serious pain. Thankfully, rescuers knew just what to do.

A slow healing process

They took her to the nearest rescue centre, where vets inserted a syringe in her abdomen and began draining the fluid from her body. There was so much that they couldn’t remove it all at once, but after several vet visits, the dog, named Sushi, was as good as new. 

With her ascites gone, Sushi can now focus on gaining weight and getting healthier. Hopefully, she’ll be ready for a loving forever home soon.

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