Watch: Horrifying moment stray dog gets trapped in gorilla enclosure

Dog in gorilla enclosure dog-wow © ABC News - YouTube

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park can only watch on in horror as a stray dog is trapped in a gorilla enclosure.

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It will probably be something that the visitors to the zoo on that day won't forget in a hurry. A stray dog had somehow managed to jump over the fence and into the silverback gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California. 

Pup versus Frank the gorilla

The pup suddenly found himself trapped in the enclosure with no obvious way out. When Frank the gorilla spotted the canine intruder, he began chasing him as if to try to get the dog out. In a clip shared online, the understandably frightened dog can be seen running from the gorillas. 

Onlookers can also be heard gasping in fear as the gorilla gets closer to the dog. After all, it's no secret that gorillas are incredibly strong animals and can be aggressive, especially if they feel threatened.

With no zoo keepers around, onlookers tried desperately to distract the gorilla from the dog by calling him. Fortunately, a quick-thinking onlooker alerted the zoo keepers, who rushed to the enclosure. 

Safe and sound

The keepers were able to call the two gorillas out of the habitat. This recall training is a regular part of the Park's safety procedures. With the gorillas safely out of the way, officers from the San Diego Humane Society could move in and remove the dog and get him assessed. Fortunately, the dog escaped his ordeal unscathed, although he was very frightened. 

Here is a clip of the poor pup’s traumatic ordeal:

Unfortunately, the dog doesn't have a microchip, so there's no way of knowing who he belongs to. Therefore, he'll be kept at the shelter as a stray for the time being. Staff have named him "Mighty Joe Young", and several families have already offered the brave pup a new home.

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