Cat lashes out at guinea pig: Dog jumps in protect his little friend (Video)

dog barking at black and white cat dog-cat-wow © GreenPinkBlueDead - Imgur

It is possible to have both predator and prey in the same home, but introductions have to be done slowly and carefully.

By Justine Seraphin

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A video shared on Imgur about a month ago has been gaining lots of attention.

The video shows three pets: A cat, a dog , and a guinea pig.

Dog protects piggy sibling

Curious about the guinea pig, the cat lifts his paw, as if ready to swipe. That’s when the dog intervenes. Just before the cat is able to lash out as the little piggy, the dog lunges at him and barks as if to say « Stop that! »

The dog then assumes a high position on the sofa as if to preside over any and all interactions. The cat slowly lies down, realising that he stands no chance at playing with the guinea pig while his doggy sibling is on watch.

Introducing a cat and a guinea pig

While the video is cute to watch, we remind readers that it’s important to manage introductions between pets in a gradual way. The guinea pig in this video seems scared, almost frozen. The owner should’ve gotten the animal to a place where it felt safe instead of leaving it exposed to a « predator ». 

We hope these three have since been able to get over their differences and are living in harmony together.

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