Sweet adopted Pitbull takes care of family dog battling cancer

two dogs hugging and sleeping dog-sad © Laura Penn - Facebook

A sweet Pitbull proved that you should never judge a dog by its breed after she became a loving companion for her new forever family!

By Ashley Murphy

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With their block-shaped heads, broad chests, and muscular builds, Pitbulls can look intimidating to those who don't understand this kind-hearted breed. Some 'Pittie' owners say that people cross the street when they see them out on walks.

But anyone who has spent time around a well-trained Pittie knows they're sweet, charming, and full of love. With responsible owners, Pitbulls are among the most loyal and affectionate dogs you can ever meet.

Meet a very special dog

Emmy Lou is a very special Pittie who sums up everything great about these extraordinary animals. She belongs to Laura Penn and her family, who adopted Emmy Lou after their other dog, Tabby, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Penn family wanted a canine companion for Tabby during her final months. And sweet Emmy Lou was more than happy to help. 

As soon as the two pups met, Emmy Lou knew it was her job to make Tabby as happy and comfortable as possible. Her nurse duties included licking and grooming Tabby after chemo sessions and always being available for snuggle time.

Emmy Lou carried toys and blankets to her patient. And when Tabby was having a bad day, Emmy Lou would offer some food out of her bowl. What kind of dog gives away its food?

Pitties put their people first

Tabby eventually lost her battle with cancer. Emmy Lou was heartbroken, but she also had another job to do: look after her humans!

"We had to say goodbye to Tabby," recalls Laura Penn. "Shortly after, I was crying in the backyard. Then Emmy Lou approached me and put her head and paws on my lap. She was hugging me. She could sense I needed something. I couldn't help but smile."

Emmy Lou, you are a true treasure. Just like every other adorable Pittie.

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