Watch: Blind dog's incredible reaction when she realises she's going to the park

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Loveable dog Kida may have lost her eyes, but she's not lost her sense of fun, especially when playing with her friends at the park.

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Allison Miller adopted Kida, a Great Pyrenees when her previous owners gave her up because she'd chase their chickens which can be a common problem with this breed if they aren't properly trained.

But there's another reason why Kida has a special place in Allison's heart.

Blinded by illness

While she was always a fun and playful dog, Kida suffered from a rare autoimmune disease that abruptly paused her playtime and meant that she had to have her eyes surgically removed. 

Before her surgery, the poor pup had been in so much pain. Fortunately, the operation went very well, and Kida felt much better afterwards. 

It didn't take Kida long to return to her playful self again. Not having her sight doesn't seem to hold this dog back. Nor does it mean she misses out on fun and playtime.

No eyes, no problem for Kida

Even though she can't see where she's going, Kida knows what it means when her owners say "dog park". She starts wagging her tail excitedly for the whole drive there. In fact, Kida seems to have developed a sixth sense and can tell exactly where they are going during the drive.

To make sure she's safe at the dog park, Kida plays outside it with her four doggy best friends. Kida's doggy pals each where a collar with bells on so she knows where they are when they are playing together. 

Kida has her own Instagram and TikTok account, where Allison shares adorable photos and videos of her, showing that animals with disabilities can still have great lives. Just like this clip that shows Kida on her way to the park:


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