Watch: Heartwarming moment girl cries happy tears when surprised with new puppy

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Isabella's parent's made sure she had a birthday to remember when they surprised her with the pawfect present of a little puppy.

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Young Isabella had wanted a puppy for a long time, and her parents decided that her 10th birthday would be the perfect time to make her dream come true.

Birthday surprise

Isabella, her 7-year-old brother Patrick, and her Mum and Dad were enjoying a family day out when they stopped at a Spitalfields, North London pub. The kids thought they were just popping in for a drink. But little did Isabella know that her parents had secretly arranged for a local Bulldog breeder to be there with a little surprise for the birthday girl. 

As Isabella and Patrick walked into the pub, they immediately spotted a lady sitting at a table holding a super cute Bulldog puppy. They went over to the lady, and Isabella asked if the pup was a boy or a girl. After being told that the dog was a little boy, Isabella asked if he had a name but was told that he didn't have a name yet.

Pawfect present

Then suddenly, Isabella's Dad said to her, "Isabella, Happy Birthday." It took a few minutes for it to sink in before the girl realised that the puppy was her birthday present. And that's when she burst into tears of joy.

Still crying, Isabella picked up the puppy, who seemed very happy to snuggle into his new owner's arms. When her parents ask if she is happy, through her tears, Isabella nods and says that she is.

Isabella named the pup Cookie, who quickly became an important part of the family. While he is a very laid-back pup with a great temperament, he's also very lazy, and his family have to use lots of treats to encourage him on walks.

Watch the adorable moment Isabella received her surprise birthday gift:

Young girl bursts into tears of joy after her parents surprise her with a new puppy

When your dream comes true! 😍🐶

Posted by Daily Mail on Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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