Frightened and abandoned pup changes completely once she's in her rescuer's arms

Cowering dog dog-happy © sos_arms_georgiana_neagu - Instagram

She was alone and frightened after being dumped on the side of a deserted road, but thanks to a chance encounter, this pup has learned to trust again.

By Zoë Monk

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Georgiana Neagu was driving down a desolate road in Romania when she spotted a dog running towards her. Georgiana runs an animal rescue and is experienced in helping dogs.

Scared and alone

But as Georgiana got out of her vehicle and tried to reach out to the dog, the little pup started to cry and cower away. She was very frightened. Clearly, this poor dog had been badly treated and was understandably distrustful of humans. 

However, Georgiana was determined to try to help the dog. With a little time and gentle coaxing, the dog eventually let Georgiana stroke her, and she was able to pick up the pup and take her into the van.

Happy and grateful

And that's when something wonderful happened. Sitting on Georgiana's lap in the front of the van, the frightened pup suddenly realised she was safe in her rescuer's arms. Relieved and grateful to her rescuer that she was finally safe, the little dog began wagging her tail excitedly and covered Georgiana's face in doggy kisses.

Watch the moment the dog was rescued:

Georgiana took the pup home with her, who she's since named Paula, and the little dog who she says is a "bundle of love" has become her shadow. It's not known how Paula ended up on that deserted road all alone, but she's certainly safe now and will stay with Georgiana until she finds her forever home.

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