Couple bury their cat: The next day, they realise they've made a terrible mistake

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A couple was left heartbroken after burying their beloved cat. But grief quickly turned to shock when the 'dead' moggy reappeared the next day!

By Ashley Murphy

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Danielle and Sam Smith, 31, from Birmingham, were devastated when a neighbour turned up at their door carrying a lifeless black and white cat. It had the identical black and white markings to their own cat Lucky, who'd been missing for a few days.

Although it's unclear exactly what happened, injuries to the cat's body suggested it had been hit by a vehicle. Sam, a landscape gardener, dug a resting place for Lucky in the backyard, and the couple held a small ceremony for their dearly departed fur baby. 

A (very) unexpected visitor

And that's when things started to get a little...weird.

The next day, while struggling to get through her work day, Danielle received a picture message from Sam that shocked her to the core. It was a picture of Lucky. He'd returned from beyond the grave and was sitting outside the couple's front door waiting for his breakfast.

Sam checked the cat over several times. It was definitely his Lucky. Then, to his surprise and horror, Sam realised that he and Danielle had buried a different cat.

"The whole situation is hilarious and mortifying because of how distraught we all were. I still can't get my head around it. It was a traumatic weekend," said Danielle.

Lucky's return 

Danielle managed to locate the owner of the cat she'd buried. Rather than disturb its resting place, they asked Danielle and Sam the leave the cat be. However, the couple did remove the 'RIP Lucky' headstone

As for little Lucky, he's got no idea of all the trouble he helped cause. He simply went on an adventure and came home for some food. Typical cat!

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