Brave Ukrainian woman risks her own life to save 35 dogs

Irina Petrova  and Chihuahua dog-wow © Ирина Петрова - Facebook

Despite her life in Ukraine being turned upside down, this incredible lady did everything she could to ensure no pup in her care was left behind. 

By Zoë Monk

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Irina Petrova had been the owner of a Chihuahua kennel in the Pryazovia region of Ukraine when her entire world came crashing down. But despite what was happening around her, Irina was determined to do whatever it took to get the dogs to safety.

Brave and determined

While food and water became scarce and people struggled to survive, others were forced to leave their pets behind, and animal shelters and zoos were abandoned. But Irina was desperately trying to carry on caring for the dogs, returning to her shelter every few days to see to them.

After a few weeks, Irina had the opportunity to join an evacuation out of the city. But there was no way she was going to leave her dogs. She headed to the shelter in her station wagon and quickly loaded all the pups, counting them as she went to ensure none were left behind.

Perilous journey

The route out of the city was littered with unimaginable hazards. But after three days, Irina finally reached safety in the Ukrainian town of Zaporizhzhya. All of the dogs had made it through the journey and were now safe. But, like Irina, they were also now homeless.

Fortunately, Irina's friend shared Irina's plight on Facebook, and she soon received lots of offers of help. So far, Irina has rehomed 10 of the dogs. But while she's currently staying in a friend's summer house, she still cares for over 20 dogs, making it very difficult for her to find somewhere more suitable to live. 

But that's not going to stop Irina. 

After everything she's been through, she's determined to find somewhere safe and comfortable for her and her remaining dogs.

What an incredible woman.

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