Couple adopts dog with incurable cancer: What they did next will break your heart

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A couple adopted a dog with terminal cancer and made his last months the happiest time of his life. This is the story of Roo the Pittie's canine bucket list.

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When Sarah Lauch and Kelly Michael heard about Roo the Pitbull, they knew they had to do something. The poor pup had been surrendered to an animal shelter due to severe health problems. Shortly after, Roo was diagnosed with incurable bone cancer. 

It meant Roo faced spending the last days of his life stuck in a shelter, with no family or home to help him through his final months. But Sarah and Kelly weren't going to let that happen. So they contacted the One Tail at a Time rescue service and offered to adopt the sick pooch.

Roo's bucket list

Despite Roo's challenges, his new dog-parents were determined to make the time he had left count. Sarah and Kelly created a dream bucket list of the things dogs love, then dedicated their time to ticking off each item.

Roo visited lots of parks and nature reserves, where he discovered a love for swimming. He enjoyed luxury spa days at a School for Canine Massage, tried his first-ever burrito, and ate lots (and lots) of dog-friendly ice cream. Other treats included a night at the 5-star Waldorf Astoria hotel, complete with room service. Roo even got his own hashtag: #LiveLikeRoo! His dog mums shared it across social media to highlight Roo's story and inspire others to treat each day as a gift, no matter what life throws at us!

Making every day a special day

Sadly, Roo eventually became too sick to enjoy anything. And he was in constant pain. So his people made the heartbreaking decision to let their fur baby go, and the vet sent Roo to a peaceful sleep. 

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It may have only lasted a few months, but Roo's time with Sarah and Kelly was every dog's dream life. And Roo embraced every second of it.

Rest easy now, sweet Roo. You were an inspiration to everyone. You showed that life is always for living.

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