Woman hears strange noises in her bedroom: She opens her suitcase and discovers why

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It can be quite unsettling to hear strange noises in your own home. Thankfully, Fairouz got to the bottom of these mysterious noises quite quickly!

By Justine Seraphin

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In late May, Fairouz, who lives in Tunisia, started to hear strange noises in her bedroom.

She looked everywhere for the source of the noise but couldn’t find anything!

Noises coming from the suitcase

Finally, she decided to look into her suitcase - that was the only place she hadn’t checked. And what she found left her completely speechless!

Indeed, in the suitcase was a mother cat and her litter of kittens! The mum must’ve snuck through Fairouz’s living room window and found the quietest, most comfortable spot to give birth to her babies.

Fairouz discovered a litter of kittens inside of her suitcase! @Fairouz Ben Salah 

Stray cats in Tunisia

Without disturbing the little family, Fairouz brought the suitcase to a sheltered spot in her garden. That way the cats wouldn’t be bothered by her coming and going, but they would still be safe and protected from the elements.

Stray cats are very common in Tunisia. Fairouz is a huge animal lover and wishes she could keep every stray that comes to her door looking for food or shelter, but if she did, she would own a zoo! Despite this, she always does everything she can to help them.

Here's a video of the adorable little family:

Bijzonder kraambed: kat bevalt voor tweede keer in koffer

Onze redactrice Faïrouz, die zelf geen katten heeft, kreeg deze week de verassing van haar leven: ze vond een nestje pasgeboren kittens in de koffer op haar slaakamer?? Lees hier haar verhaal:

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