Police suggest dog owner sit in her hot car to teach her a lesson

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A woman claims that a police officer 'forced' her to sit in her hot car because she left a dog locked in the vehicle while she went shopping.

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The incident occurred on a hot day outside a Walmart store in Ohio, USA, in April this year. Shelly Nicholas claimed that the officer ordered her to sit in the stationary vehicle and close the door to 'see how it feels.'

But the police officer's report and footage from his bodycam suggest a different side to this tail. Camera footage released by a local TV station reveals that the order was more of a suggestion.

Sweating it out

It was in response to Nicholas' claim that she had left the dog in the car for 'just 10 minutes.' She also suggested that it wasn't a particularly warm day. The vehicle had no ventilation or open windows, and the temperature outside was 90°F (32°C.)

Ten minutes in those conditions is enough time to put a canine life in danger. Dogs trapped in hot cars can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes.

Leaving a dog in the car on a hot day can be fatal©Wamiz

That's exactly why the officer challenged this careless owner to test out the heat for herself. 

'You can wait in the truck and close the door, you know, since it's not that hot,' the officer is heard saying to Nicholas as he writes her a ticket for a fine.

Important info: How to spot the signs of heat stroke in dogs

The bodycam footage shows no evidence that the officer forced Shelly Nicholas into her vehicle. And after the footage was released, Mrs Nicholas refused the offer to tell her version of the story to a local news TV station.

'Ruff' justice?

Not everyone will agree with the officer's unconventional policing methods. So did the owner get what she deserved? Or was this a case of 'ruff' justice? 

Who knows? And, let's be honest, who really cares? Because if something can help save a dog's life, then it's OK with us.

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