Tiny abandoned kitten doesn’t have the strength to live, then a miracle happens

Tiny ginger kitten curled up cat-wow © You Should Know? - YouTube

He was covered in bugs and showed no signs of life. But then, two good Samaritans found him and gave him a second chance at life.

By Zoë Monk

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At first, they thought they were too late, and the poor kitty was already dead. He was curled up on the street all alone, covered in insects and showing no signs of life. But then they noticed one of his little legs twitch. 

Alone, filthy and covered in bugs

The pair spotted the cat beside a mechanic garage. They learned from the garage workers that children had brought the cat there and had been playing with him. The poor kitten was filthy, covered in bugs, and his right eye was closed.

The couple realised that if the kitten stood any chance, they had to get him help as soon as possible, so they rushed him to a local animal hospital. 

Miraculous recovery

The vet gave the kitten, now called Alden, a thorough clean and antibiotics for his eye infection. Alden was very dehydrated, so he was given milk through a syringe until he was strong enough to eat on his own. Despite his ordeal, little Alden is now thriving after making a miraculous recovery and developed a lot of “cattitude”. He’s settled in nicely to his new forever home, and his new family adore him. 

Watch little Alden's incredible story:

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