Couple wake up and discover that a dog they don't know is sleeping in their bed

dog lying in bed dog-wow © Julie Thortnon Johnson- Facebook

A woman woke up in the middle of the night to find a random dog sleeping in their bed. Here's what happened next!

By Ashley Murphy

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Julie and Jimmy Johnson were fast asleep in the bedroom of their home in Ocoee, Tennessee, USA, when a furry intruder decided to pay them an unexpected visit.

After sneaking through an unlocked door, the dog crept upstairs and snuggled itself between the sleeping humans. 

Where did this dog come from?

Julie noticed the pooch in her bed during a midnight visit to the bathroom. But as the couple have three dogs of their own, it wasn't an unusual sight.

The dog was still there in the morning. That's when Julie and John realised they'd never seen this particular pooch before. But these dog-lovers didn't freak out. Instead, they saw the funny side of this strange tale.

"We knew that she meant no harm," said Julie Johnson. "She was just looking for a safe place. It was comical. We just focused on finding where she'd come from and how to get her back home."

The Johnsons posted pictures of their surprise visitor on a neighbourhood Facebook page. An hour later, they received a call from someone who said they knew the dog. Its name was Nala, they said, and it had gone missing from a walk a few days earlier.

The couple got some contact details for Nala's people, who came and collected their runaway that same day. 

From random strangers to best buddies

Since then, the Johnsons have struck up a friendship with Nala's dog's parents. Now they all get together at least once a week.

"We invited Nala and her parents over for treats and a puppy playdate," said Julie. "We got along so well. It's amazing how one dog brought us all together."

Who knows why Nala picked out the Johnson house for refuge? But her late-night adventure helped turn a group of strangers into a pack of best friends!

Dogs work in mysterious ways.

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