Watch: Madrid firefighters must do the impossible to free trapped puppy

Firefighter removing trapped puppy from under screen dog-wow

Firefighter in the middle of the rescue

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Madrid firefighters faced one of the toughest challenges of their careers when they responded to a call of a puppy trapped inside a swimming pool enclosure.

By Zoë Monk

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As dog owners will know all too well, pets can get themselves into some pretty awkward situations. And that's just what happened to this adorable little puppy who had managed to get himself trapped under a glass screen around a swimming pool at his owner's home.

Trapped pup

When his worried owners couldn't get the pup out, the only thing they could do was call in local firefighters to help.

The pup, a Goldendoodle named Maui started to get distressed at his plight. So, one of the firefighters tried to keep him calm by stroking his head while another worked on carefully removing the glass to free the little dog. 

Emergency rescue

The Emergency Services of Madrid posted a video of the unusual rescue online to remind pet owners about how important it is to keep a close eye on their animals.

In the clip, you can see poor little Maui whimpering with his head stuck underneath the glass screen. One firefighter is gently stroking him to calm him as the glass screen is being removed so the pup can free his head.

The good news is that Maui was unharmed by his mishap and was grateful to his kind rescuers. Hopefully, he's learned his lesson!

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