Watch: Owner is shocked when she discovers her dog's relationship with the neighbour

Black labrador dog-happy

This dog never misses an opportunity to play!

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Brittney Reynolds already knew how playful her dog Bounder could be but never imagined what lengths he'd go to for a game of fetch.

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Bounder's favourite game to play is fetch. He loves it so much that he'll play it all day until his owner makes him stop. The loveable dog enjoys a game of fetch so much that he's willing to play it with literally anyone.


One day, Brittney could hear Bounder, a black Labrador, barking excitedly in the garden. She went outside to investigate and saw that Bounder was barking at her neighbour. But the dog wasn't barking at the man because he was upset. He was asking for a playdate.

Brittney could see that the man was sitting on his patio, and a ball gun was lying on the table. Bounder couldn't take his eyes off the man or the ball gun. He continued to excitedly bark at the neighbour, trying to get him to play. Brittney tried to get Bounder to stop barking, but the neighbour, who also owns a dog, got up and started shooting the ball gun over the fence.  

Secret playdates

Bounder couldn't believe his luck and thoroughly enjoyed catching the ball and bringing it back to his neighbour through the fence. Brittney was so touched by the neighbour's kindness towards her dog that she went to thank him. 

It was then that she discovered that this wasn't the first time. In fact, her neighbour had been playing fetch with Bounder over the fence for quite a while. 

Here's a clip of Bounder playing fetch with his neighbour:


He brings it back to the edge of the fence. #blacklab #doglover #SeeHerGreatness

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Thanks to Bounder, Brittney has been able to get to know her neighbour's family, and Bounder loves nothing more than the chance to play fetch with the neighbour's dog, Lyla. The pair even have playdates.

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