Meet the surprise (and very furry) star of the Queen’s jubilee parade

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An Irish Wolfhound led this year's Trooping the Colour parade celebrating Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee. And we think he was the star of the whole show!

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The annual Trooping the Colour ceremony has marked the British Sovereign's official birthday for more than 250 years. It's considered one of the greatest displays of military precision, horsemanship, and fanfare in the world.

This year's proceedings were even more significant as they fell on Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee. And although most eyes were on the soldiers and attending Royals, dog lovers were more interested in a big furry fella called Seamus.

Seamus was the real star of the show

Seamus, a two-year-old Irish Wolfhound, is the Irish Guards' regimental mascot. The Irish Guards led this year's parade, and they had Seamus right out in front.

The giant pooch walked by the side of his handler, Drummer Adam Walsh. The pair have been partners ever since Seamus joined the regiment from the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

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And while this expertly trained military dog is always a good boy, he received some extra (and very well deserved) praise for his impeccable display in front of Her Majesty the Queen.

"It's quite loud in front of the band, and with his hearing, it's very amplified," said Seamus' human, Drummer Adam Walsh. "For him to stay cool, calm, and collected takes a lot of training and a lot of prep. I'm really pleased with him."

The royal seal of approval

Drummer Walsh also gave an insight into what life is like for an army dog:

"Seamus has his own room. He's a pampered pooch, but he gets treated as one of the lads."

Good job, Seamus. You did yourself, your regiment, and your Queen proud. Get that dog a medal. Or at least a few extra treats!

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