Churchgoers are shocked when stray dog starts coming to service every Sunday

dog sitting down in church dog-wow © Rocco Di Nota - Facebook

A church in a small Italian town is receiving lots of attention from dog lovers all over the world due to one of its regular furry parishioners!

By Ashley Murphy

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For the last few decades, locals in and around the small Italian town of Santopadre have gathered for Sunday mass at San Folco Pellegrino church. 

Santopadre has a tight-knit community where everybody knows each other. It's unusual to see any strangers in Santopadre, especially at the local church's Sunday services.

The dog made quite an entrance!

So you can imagine everybody's surprise when a random pooch strutted into the church like he owned the place. The mystery dog waltzed up to the pulpit and sat down next to the priest delivering Sunday mass.

He then stared at the congregation with a look that seemed to say, "what are all these people doing in my church?" 

It's amazing what you can get away with when you're cute!

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Since then, the pup has turned up for Sunday mass every week. And he always sits right up front where everybody can see him.

The life of a town dog

Professional photographer Rocca Di Nota shared this amazing story with the rest of the world after he visited the church during a tour of Southern Italy. He managed to take a picture of the dog and share it on Facebook.

"Much respect to the people of this church," wrote Rocca. "It's amazing they let the dog be a part of their service. You can tell he feels safe and at home."

The dog is now a bit of a town mascot. He's often spotted wandering around the shops and houses, where there's always someone happy to dish out a snack or back scratch. 

And if the townfolk don't see their furry friend for a few days, they always know where to find him when Sunday afternoon comes around.


Santopadre (FR) Ogni domenica va ad ascoltare la messa ... Guardando questa foto mi faccio tante domande.... Credo...

Posted by Rocco Di Nota on Sunday, June 2, 2019

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