Man taken to hospital in ambulance: Doctors can't believe what his dog does next

German Shepherd and ambulance dog-wow © Jackie - Facebook

If you ever needed proof that dogs are man's best friend, look no further than what happened when this dog owner went to the hospital.

By Zoë Monk

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The incredible story begins when a man in Brazil is taken ill with an infection. An ambulance is called to his home to take the man to the hospital. Watching this scene unfold is a very concerned onlooker, the man's German Shepherd, Mandraque.

Mandraque watched as his beloved owner was loaded onto the ambulance. But rather than wait patiently at home for his owner to return, what Mandraque did next took everyone by surprise.

Faithful companion

As the ambulance pulled away with his owner onboard, Mandraque dutifully followed. The faithful canine walked behind the ambulance for the entire five-mile journey. To everyone's astonishment, he was still following when the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

Posted by Jackie on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

As he watched his owner be taken into the hospital, Mandraque sat down by the hospital doors to wait patiently for his owner. Fortunately, he didn't have to wait long. While pets aren't allowed to enter the hospital, the staff were so moved by the sight of Mandraque's devotion to his owner that when the man's condition was stable, they moved him outside to be closer to his canine companion. As soon as Mandraque saw his owner come out of the hospital, he jumped up and licked his face.

Canine carer

After only a few hours, Mandraque's owner was allowed to go home. Again, the man was transported home in an ambulance. But even though Mandraque refused the opportunity to travel home in the ambulance, he wasn't going to leave his owner's side and chose to walk the 5 miles home instead of behind the ambulance. With the ambulance driver driving at a careful slow speed, both Mandraque and his owner arrived home safely. 


ကြည့်ရတာ မန်းဒရိတ်ကို ဆေးရုံက တစ်ယောက်ယောက်က မုန့်ချကျွေးထားပုံပေါ်တယ်။

Posted by Jackie on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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